Jam Product Review Analysis

When it comes to jam product reviews, there are some things to consider.

There are a lot of results for jam product reviews already. So you'll be facing some stiff competition. If you succeed, wow, huge payoff. But it'll be a challenge.

There are some big websites that have high-ranking results for jam product reviews, like eatthis.com and foodandwine.com. That could be troublesome. And there are some medium-sized competitive websites, like seriouseats.com and realsimple.com, that have some high-ranking results. And of course, there are some smaller or less competitive websites in this particular product reviews space, like food52.com and saveur.com.

The search results are fairly relevant, so you'll have to put together some solid jam content in order to compete.

For research purposes, you can see what Amazon says are the best-reviewed jam products.

Searching for jam product reviews appears to be most popular in July. Meanwhile, this type of search is least popular in March, April, May, and October.

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Top Product Reviews for Jam
Website/Domain Title Website Power Relevance Content Quality Media Overall
nymag.com 8 Best Jams 2020 | The Strategist [link]
seriouseats.com The Best Jams and Preserves in the USA [link]
amazon.com Amazon Best Sellers: Best Jams, Jellies & Preserves [link]
dandelionchandelier.com What are the Best Luxury Brands of Jam to Buy Right Now? - Dandelion Chandelier [link]
southernliving.com Our Favorite Store-Bought Jams and Jellies | Southern Living [link]
saveur.com Our Best Jam and Jelly Recipes for Preserving the Season [link]
eatthis.com The 8 Best Strawberry Jams, Ranked By Sugar Content | Eat This Not That [link]
food52.com 6 Ways to Make the Absolute Best Jam [link]
realsimple.com The Best Jams | Real Simple [link]
foodandwine.com The Best Jam Collections for Gifting in 2019 | Food & Wine [link]
epicurious.com The Best Strawberry Jam to Buy at Whole Foods and Grocery Stores Nationwide | Epicurious [link]
bonappetit.com Which Bonne Maman Flavor Is the Best? | Bon App├ętit [link]
myrecipes.com The Best Store-Bought Blackberry Jam | MyRecipes [link]
myrecipes.com I Tried 13 Fancy Strawberry Jams, and This Is the Best One | MyRecipes [link]
jambestone.com JAM Best-One Fleet Service [link]
delish.com 10+ Easy Jam Recipes - Best Fruit Jam Recipes [link]
allrecipes.com Strawberry Jam | Allrecipes [link]
bestjamever.com Shop | Best Jam Ever [link]
bbcgoodfood.com Jam recipes | BBC Good Food [link]
huffpost.com Taste Test: The Best Store-Bought Strawberry Jam | HuffPost Life [link]

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